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City Pretty: Sister Cities Park

We met up with some friends at Sister Cities Park on Sunday. It is a newly completed park and visitor center in between the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and Logan Circle on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

There are two water features, a stream/wading pond and a fountain. The pond was designed for wooden boats, but that doesn’t seem to be the way people are using it so far. By people, I mean mostly kids who are perfectly fine sitting in streams and getting soaked.

The building houses restrooms, visitor center, and a small Milk & Honey cafe. They were nearly cleaned out of dinner food by the time we got there an hour before closing time on Sunday. They have pre-made sandwiches, quiche, soups in the fall and winter, cookies, yogurt, fruit, juice, water, tea, and coffee drinks.

The green roof is looking lush!

We finished up our evening with a picnic, and the kiddos dried off in the sun. Storm clouds started rolling in. We made it under our front door awning just in time for the sky to open up, what luck?!

Estelle approves! It is definitely worth a visit. I suspect it will be a big hit with tourists and Philly residents alike.



Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to stay home this weekend. In my opinion, three-day weekends should be the norm! We accomplished some minor, but important, things around the house…basement tidying, summer clothes switch out, AC unit installation, testing bedroom paint samples. More importantly, we had fun and relaxed! We did lots of hanging with neighbors and friends.

20120529-212203.jpgPool time!

20120529-212235.jpgDid I mention it was hot? Poor furry Lola.

20120529-212247.jpgBlowing bubbles at the fountain

20120529-212316.jpgAC unit is in, thanks to brawny David!

Our “love where you live” adventure for the weekend was a first-ever trip to the Forbidden Drive at Valley Green Inn in Wissahickon Valley Park. It is mind-boggling that the park and surrounding neighborhoods are technically still in Philadelphia. Our neighbors joined us on this trip, it was helpful that they had been before. We saw a horse, wild strawberries, a tiny snake, lots of waterfowl, and waterfalls! I was glad to come home to the pool, a little too much hot and sticky nature for my liking:)

20120529-212440.jpgGrumpy toddler snack break, Ahoy Ladies!

20120529-212459.jpgValley Green Inn

20120529-212529.jpgTiny waterfall

20120529-212539.jpgSlightly larger waterfall

20120529-212746.jpgOne last snack break before we headed home.

A big thanks to all service men and women who make such fun and safe weekends possible.


City Pretty

Miracle! I had time to take the City Pretty detour on my way to work this morning. While I was trying to get this mediocre shot on my phone, a guy and his kid walked by and said, “we did the same thing last week, it’s just so nice.” Agreed, mister! Hope you like it too, crappy cell phone photo and all.

Private Residence, South Philadelphia
24 May 2012


City Pretty

Mother Nature lives in the city too. I hope to make City Pretty a once-a-week series, but that may be quite the challenge come January! If I feature a public space, I will be sure to note the location. Private residences will be kept private. Take time to stop and smell the roses!


Bull Dog Park
Intersection of Fairmount and Pennsylvania Avenues
16 May 2012