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City Pretty: Norfolk Edition

As you can probably tell by my lack of blog posts, we are still on vacation! We were at the beach for a week, and now we are visiting with family in Norfolk, VA. These West Ghent apartment balconies have caught my eye before. I have a thing for porches and balconies, of which there are plenty here in Norfolk. The plants and ivy add a bit of mother nature to a small urban space.


Hopefully, I will be back with something fun next week. Until then, we will be doing a whole bunch of nothing. Happy Fourth of July!



City Pretty: Spring Gardens

So, not much is very pretty in a city at the hottest part of the day during  a  heat advisory (100+ degrees). I should have taken a photo of one of Philadelphia’s awesome fountains, but that would have required time I didn’t have and extra walking in heat. Sorry, Charlie, maybe next time it gets above 95 degrees…this may be the first hot spell of the season, but it’s certainly not our last!

We lived near The Spring Gardens (18th and Wallace Streets, Philadelphia) for a bit, so I knew this community garden might have some nice nature stuff going on. I couldn’t quite get a good angle from outside the fence with my bus arriving at any minute. You might be able to see grapevines and bamboo shoots behind the daylily. My favorite thing about this garden is the custom-welded fence, it’s pretty gorgeous and sets the tone for what you might find inside.

See these storm clouds, folks? That’s what I call relief! Those storms brought in slightly cooler weather, yay!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are off on vacation today. We will be slightly more unplugged than usual, but you’ll still be hearing from us sporadically on both rowHOME and southfeasterdelphia.


City Pretty: Matthias Baldwin Park

I really thought I would have an easier time finding green spaces in the city! My weekly posts are requiring me to detour from my usual commutes, but only ever-so-slightly. Although, I appreciate that this series challenges me to notice the beauty in the places I walk past everyday.

I’m afraid my quick iPhone photo does not do this park justice. I might have to revisit soon, and add a couple of different angles to this post for good measure.

Official park information was not readily available, but you can find out more about Matthias Baldwin and the recently renamed here. It’s in a strange part of town, 19th and Hamilton, surrounded by an old railroad viaduct, towering apartment buildings, and the edge of Community College of Philadelphia. The stepped terraces and rock sculptures create nice layers for the lush plants to steal the show. There are no water features, but it has a  nice meandering path and plenty of benches.

I feel like a disappointment having the word HOME in my blog name, but not really talking much about our house or creating a home. I do have at least one more blog post up my sleeve for later this week. I’ll give you a hint, it’s about food and French people. Also, we have an interesting/unique neighborly gathering in the works for this Saturday! Stay tuned.


City Pretty: Bel Arbor Community Gardens

Mother Nature lives in the city too.

During David’s bocce match last night, Estelle and I ventured around the corner and were invited in to walk around the Bel Arbor Community Gardens. It was my first time, and I was beyond impressed. They had cherry trees with real cherries growing on them! I tried to get a quick photo of the cherries, but I had to herd the toddler and make sure she didn’t run out of the garden gate (and into the street). Sorry!

I snapped this quick photo, which I actually tried to balance out in Photoshop. Woah. I kind of liked how the building was highlighted by the sunset. If you want slightly better photos and garden history, I would encourage you to check out the garden website.

Bel Arbor Community Garden
10th & Kimball Street

Have a great weekend!




Not sure if this counts as my City Pretty post for the week. The week is still young. Doesn’t it feel like Friday?! I have the perfect City Pretty spot in mind…just not sure if I have time for the detour.

We did gardening this weekend, which included getting some new plants at our fabulous neighborhood garden store, Urban Jungle. There isn’t much color in our yard, yet. The azaleas already bloomed, and the hydrangeas have yet to bloom. I have a thing for plants that come back year after year, mostly because I’m lazy. The perennials I like tend to be less floral in nature.

My favorites are the new corkscrew plant and my confederate jasmine. My theory is that the heat island effect in the city keeps the jasmine alive in the winter. It is usually found in warm places like Charleston, SC. That is where we went for part of our honeymoon, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

I didn’t do before and after photos. That takes too much planning, and the before was similar, just less green.

In process in the back “yard”:


View from kitchen window:



Chives and an olive tree:


We even have cat grass for Lola:




Now for the front area:


Grass detail:


Speed racer watches over the house…


As does Lola.