City Pretty: Bel Arbor Community Gardens

Mother Nature lives in the city too.

During David’s bocce match last night, Estelle and I ventured around the corner and were invited in to walk around the Bel Arbor Community Gardens. It was my first time, and I was beyond impressed. They had cherry trees with real cherries growing on them! I tried to get a quick photo of the cherries, but I had to herd the toddler and make sure she didn’t run out of the garden gate (and into the street). Sorry!

I snapped this quick photo, which I actually tried to balance out in Photoshop. Woah. I kind of liked how the building was highlighted by the sunset. If you want slightly better photos and garden history, I would encourage you to check out the garden website.

Bel Arbor Community Garden
10th & Kimball Street

Have a great weekend!




One response to “City Pretty: Bel Arbor Community Gardens

  1. Let me add that our bocce opponents said that they are still on the waiting list to get a plot here. They’re next in line, but first got on the list in 2002!

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