Not sure if this counts as my City Pretty post for the week. The week is still young. Doesn’t it feel like Friday?! I have the perfect City Pretty spot in mind…just not sure if I have time for the detour.

We did gardening this weekend, which included getting some new plants at our fabulous neighborhood garden store, Urban Jungle. There isn’t much color in our yard, yet. The azaleas already bloomed, and the hydrangeas have yet to bloom. I have a thing for plants that come back year after year, mostly because I’m lazy. The perennials I like tend to be less floral in nature.

My favorites are the new corkscrew plant and my confederate jasmine. My theory is that the heat island effect in the city keeps the jasmine alive in the winter. It is usually found in warm places like Charleston, SC. That is where we went for part of our honeymoon, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

I didn’t do before and after photos. That takes too much planning, and the before was similar, just less green.

In process in the back “yard”:


View from kitchen window:



Chives and an olive tree:


We even have cat grass for Lola:




Now for the front area:


Grass detail:


Speed racer watches over the house…


As does Lola.




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