The Big 0-5

In addition to birthday celebrations on this 4th day of May, we are also celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Yes, my dear husband agreed to a two-for-one deal at the time, not considering that he might have to add Mother’s Day for the ultimate wallet-empyting May trifecta. Speaking of trifectas, we’re also celebrating the 5th anniversary of our never-to-be-duplicated Kentucky Derby Party! The toddler will be with her grandparents for a couple days. David and I have plans to relax, eat, drink, and watch the Kentucky Derby (along with some Flyers and Phillies). We might even get some organizing accomplished on Sunday. We are not allowed to paint on our anniversary weekend (by order of our parents), but there were no bans on other projects!

wedding photo by Echard Wheeler

Want more wedding photos and details?! Check out a previous wedding post over at Southfeasterdelphia.

David, Happy Anniversary! To everyone else, Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!



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