Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual


The Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual is a wealth of information. There are old rowhouse images and floor plans towards the beginning. Our house falls under the category of late 19th-century, small, workingman’s house.

In slightly related news, the 1940 census results have been digitized and made public as of this month. If you have an older U.S. address, you can search for your house or that of your ancestors. In looking at our block in the 1940s, we had a family of 4 in our house, but there were two separate sets of neighbors with 5 sons each! Woah! If they can raise 5 boys in a house this size, we are not insane for thinking we can make it work with 1 or 2 kids. I could look at census results all day, so it’s a good thing I sometimes get to do it for work.

The above image is found in the Philadelphia Rowhouse manual, but it is also from Apartment Therapy’s post about the manual.



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