Real World: Philadelphia

Word on the street is that they are casting for Real World: Philadelphia (again). I’m not sure how or why I know this when I didn’t even think that show was still on the air. No, this isn’t a post about how I have hopes of being on a Real World season…those dreams died by the time I graduated college.

This is A HOUSE TOUR post! A very real house tour! By real, I mean barely tidied, not clean, and my photos are not edited…as you can probably tell by the yellow-ness. I had about 20 minutes to take these photos, and only just now noticed the hat on the globe and (hopefully clean) socks on the kitchen counter. Nice. Anyways, nearly every room of our house is in progress. Maybe not the living and dining areas so much, but the table gets moved to accommodate 6 or more dinner guests sometimes. I only wish the kitchen was in progress, but that is just in progress in our heads for now. We have oodles of framed things not on the walls upstairs due to the wall building project we started in the fall. Also, it’s really hard to take photos inside a small house.  Perhaps I should try a video next time around. I will be back with a better house tour when things are a little more finished. Next year, maybe? I wish I was kidding.

The gallery order is entry/living room/dining room, kitchen, upstairs hallway, bathroom, Estelle’s toddler room, the nursery, and the master bedroom (click images to enlarge gallery).

Some things to note:

Estelle’s purple wall is impossible to capture on camera.

The nursery is one hot mess. We left the crib, but there are no siblings for Estelle in the works just yet. Taking apart a crib is just not a priority, and I don’t want to get used to that space being available. I guess we should stop using it as toy storage, huh?

We have only one closet in our entire house…it’s that glorified bookshelf with a door in the master bedroom. It’s not deep enough to fit a hanger, so we added shelves. Good thing we have a basement, which was purposefully excluded from this tour. It’s especially scary right now.

Do you have any easy interior photo tips? Please tell. Do you have questions about things you saw on my very uninformative tour? Please ask. If you think I need to really keep things real by including  a basement photo, just let me know. I’m not ashamed of my basement status, just short on time and daylight to fully capture the glory.



4 responses to “Real World: Philadelphia

  1. 1. I love, love, LOVE how retro chic your home is! My kinda style.
    2. You’ve done a great job effectively using all your space! I spy a few Ikea staples in there. 🙂 Love it.
    3. Boo to the Real World coming back! What, have they run out of major US cities to annoy??
    4. I love your home! I pretty much already said that, but I do! I’ve always been a fan of smaller spaces. I never want to have a huge house. I don’t think they’re cozy enough. 🙂

    Thanks for the tour!

  2. I already posted that the sports balls are a true staple of any Feaster home.

    The house was certainly clean enough.

    My only other thought would be that I wonder what dsc_0313/ would look like with brick.

  3. Peter, it would probably look pretty nice. Beneath the grey plaster wall is brick, but that is a messy process for a house we need to live in. Should have done it before we moved it!

  4. You have such a cute house! So much great character!!

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