First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

With so many friends and family tying the knot this year and next, weddings are never far from my mind. I was contemplating writing a post about what to register for a wedding, but those are mostly personal choices.  What I can offer is a list of wedding gifts we loved to receive, in addition to some low-cost thoughtful wedding gift ideas for the happy couples in your lives.

Below is the short list of wedding gifts we have found most useful over our past 5 years of wedded bliss. It is hardly a complete list, but these are clearly the ones that stick out in my mind without having to dig around the house.

  • Le Cruset Dutch Oven – we leave it on the stove, it’s that cute and useful (we have the 2 qt. size)
  • Breville ikon Toaster – I think we bought this with wedding gift cards, it’s still going strong
  • Hand Blender – I don’t have a favorite, but these get my vote for soups/baby food/etc.
  • One-handed salt and pepper grinders – on the small side, but that’s a plus in our house
  • The Joy of Cooking – what would I do without it?!
  • Dishes – nice stuff you aren’t afraid to use everyday, we love our Pillivuyt (and may need some replacements soon)

I am always debating the necessity of the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Yes, they are so cute, but also so big! Ours just barely fits in our small kitchen, and it must live in a cabinet most of the time. I was seriously doubting it’s usefulness until I went to make sugar cookies and icing a couple months ago. It won me over, and certainly made my job easier. What are your thoughts about Kitchen Aid stand mixers? Do you love them, or do you have a faithful alternative? I might use mine more if I had one of these sweet pop-up cabinet shelves in the kitchen. A girl can dream!

Now on to gift suggestions. First, I will make some disclaimers. I love registries, they give me a great sense of what people like, but I don’t normally buy directly from them. I love giving gifts that are fun to receive, and surprises are usually fun (sometimes scary). Also, we usually buy gifts that travel or ship easily since our Philly weddings are few and far between. Finally, although we would love to spend endless gobs of money on our friends and family, it’s just not feasible. You’ll find that all of my gifts ideas are under $100, and they can be upgraded if your wallet permits.

Weeble Wobble Salt & Pepper Shakers (dinner entertainment at it’s tiniest) – pairs nicely with a Salt & Pepper cookbook – $65 total

20×200 gift certificate– to buy new art – Standing at the Edge of the Water by Helena Wurzel $60 – art selection made by the toddler for the “fun toes”

Cloth napkins and napkin rings – the combinations are endless, vintage linen damask napkins are especially nice – these napkin rings are sold by one of my favorite stores of all time, P.O.S.H. Chicago

Monogrammed Antique Grain Sack – definitely not for everyone – they could be made into bolster pillows, table runners, used as laundry bags, etc. $55

Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstein Travel Mugs – by Lenny Mud – would be nice gifted with fancy coffee, tea, and/or hot chocolate $35

Tiffany & Co. Champagne glasses – they come wrapped in the signature blue box for major wow factor $20 each

My last idea is a gift certificate to a honeymoon restaurant or a restaurant in the couple’s home town. We especially loved receiving these, and even saved one to use for our first anniversary. Price and locations vary greatly. It is nice to try to find a restaurant group with many restaurant options in one area. For Philly that would be Jose Garces and Stephen Starr. For our Charleston, SC honeymoon, we were given a gift certificate for Maverick Southern Kitchens.

That’s a wrap. Gift pun intended. I’m afraid that if I divulge any more ideas, I won’t be surprising anyone else in the near future!

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes a baby in the baby carriage. I’m hoping to attempt a baby registry and gift guide in the coming days.



4 responses to “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

  1. I was going to comment on FB but I’m choosing here instead. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and also have been to lots of weddings! For the mixer, I’ve had mine for 9 months and I’ve only used it once! I don’t do
    that much baking. I’m hoping some attachments will cause me to use it more. It does look good on the counter though.
    I always keep your Tiffany glasses idea in mind and have given that as an engagement gift.
    Some of my favorite wedding gifts to give (because I like to go off-registry or not give cash) include “mini-moon” gift certificates to somewhat local hotels, honeymoon restaurant gift certificates (as you know!) and personalized items from Rust Designs (the birch plate is a favorite)

    or from Sarah and Bendrix

  2. You have some very interesting ideas. A little sad right now that I didn’t invite you me my wedding 😉

  3. I’m using my Kitchen Aid mixer today to make banana bread – muffin style! I’ve used it about 4 times since receiving it 6 months ago…with a goal to use it once a month so its doesn’t fall into the pretty awesome but useless small
    appliance category (along with the rice maker…which reminds me, I need to get that out too!) Looks like Rocky will be eating fried rice all next week! People are just so generous with gift giving and parts of me feel guilty at
    times for putting expensive items like that on a gift registry…but it is always nice to dream of things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself unless you found yourself with excesses of $$ hanging around! (Ahem, see unfulfilled Animal Dyson request…even now with the registry completion discount and baby on the way instead of puppy on the way…you really start to weigh your priorities!) Out of my 3 registries…Crate and Barrel was by far my favorite store! I found that once you find store that really fits your style and price range its a winner all the way around! I was so eager to get ALL the things off Crate and Barrel registry that I went and completed it after less than 2 weeks of marriage! Mainly most of it will stay boxed up until our move at the end of the summer but for now I can make develied eggs and display them on my awesome new platter:
    I mean, what family gathering or random pregnancy craving is complete without deviled eggs?! I did love all the unique gifts from family and friends too – those are the things that will make me think of the person who gave them to me whenever I use them! (As a recipient of the featured silver napkin rings…I can’t wait to host my first dinner party and show those puppies off, complete with anitque linen napkins! I sure am lucky to have such an awesome and creative gift giver as a sister 🙂

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