I was hoping to blog a little more than once a week, oh well! I have a whole list of future blog posts, but life has been a bit crazy since Thursday 3/28. When we over-packed our bags and headed to my sister’s 3/31 wedding weekend in Annapolis, MD. Both the toddler and I were in the wedding party, and David was the flower girl wrangler. Given our roles, we don’t have many photos yet. It was a blast, the bride and groom were so laid back, which is the key to a great wedding! You can see a quick video of E and the younger girls walking down the aisle here. My cousin, who is venturing into the world of photography, took some nice photos that you can find here.

I’m hoping to provide some of the fun wedding details we used (I helped in the planning process a bit). I also want to do a post about low-cost, high-impact wedding gifts. Not only that, but my sister and my now brother-in-law announced at their reception that they will be welcoming a little baby towards the end of September. I’m so excited about my future gig as Tia! You can bet your money I have some baby registry tips for you (and them). My parents are headed up to Philly tonight, and we’re highly optimistic that we can install our new bedroom light fixture this weekend. It arrived on Monday, and this mess is what happened after we examined the contents of our box:

Sorry, that image is so small! Now, I know why David prefers horizontally formatted images. I’m actually hoping to use the long strips of paper to make something like this basket, but that might just be a pipe dream. My sewing machine sees the light of day maybe twice a year.

Image from Design Sponge

Ok, folks…I need to get my butt in gear and to work on time. Here’s hoping I’m back with a new post soon.



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