Clowning Around with Lladró

I was walking by the shop at work on Monday, when I spotted this guy in the window:

The shop was closed, so I couldn’t go in to investigate further. All I knew is that it would be expensive! After a few Google attempts, I finally found my guy. Meet the Clown Head Lamp designed by Marco Antonio Noguerón for Lladró Porcelain. Not necessarily for everyone’s budget or tastes, but it certainly is eye-catching.

I am glad I didn’t let the $1800 price tag of the clown lamp turn me off of looking around on Lladró’s website a little more. In addition to lots of granny porcelain sculptures, they really have some gems. See below for some of my favorites.

Metropolis Skyscraper $600 – you can build an entire city!

Bridal Crown Magic Forest $695 – I can imagine an entire wedding based around this!

Magic Forrest Stud Earrings $95 (cough, birthday gift idea, cough)

Magic Forest Ring $155

Bacchus Bottle Stopper Horse $100 – Aw, reminds me of Mr. Granby Bullseye

Bear Paw Cufflinks $75

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of window shopping! Tell me your favorite if you have time to check out Lladró’s website.



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