The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…plumbing

Rule of Homeownership: the moment you spend money to upgrade a non-essential item in the house, it seems that something essential will break very soon.

The good: we bought a new light fixture for our bedroom last night from Schoolhouse Electric! I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that upgrade soon.

The bad: we knew that we had plumbing issues when our bathroom and kitchen sink were slow-draining and gurgling. We knew it might be serious when we noticed the drain in our back yard overflowing earlier this week. We bought some drain cleaner and plastic snakes to help urge the clogs onwards.

The ugly: David goes to snake the kitchen sink drain before we even used the liquid cleaner. He’s doing his business and hears a crunch followed by flowing water. Oops. He poked a hole in the u-shaped drain trap. He borrowed a big wrench from a neighbor, and attempted to take off the corroded trap. It’s rusted on, and he only manages to break off bits of it. Now, we’re down a kitchen sink and doing dishes in the basement laundry sink.

We’re waiting to hear back from the plumber. I’m sure this all won’t be cheap, but we know it could be much worse. We suspect that the flushable toddler wipes might be to blame for the clogs since all of this mess comes a couple of months after E has been daytime potty trained. Why do we feel the need to use these things?! Toilet paper is just fine for us adults. I think we might not buy them anymore, but wipes are still handy on the go.

Looking on the positive side, the area below the kitchen sink will be clean and organized after all of this! We also know that if/when we renovate the kitchen, we have our basement sink to help us through the ordeal.



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