Welcome Home!

Geez, here goes. I’m branching out the SouthFeasterdelphia brand a bit with the hope of providing information and ideas not easily found in a very saturated blogosphere. Basically, I feel unfulfilled reading blogs about parents who stay home with their kids, do clever crafts, make fabulous meals, renovate their large homes, and basically highlight all that is good in life. I don’t want a random piece of laundry artfully strewn on a chair for a house tour in the hope of making you look real…I want a house tour with your kid throwing blocks everywhere just after you cleaned up cat puke and vacuumed the rugs. That is real. I don’t want to see amazing outfits sent from designers and paired with platform heels only suitable walking to and from a car. Show me an affordable outfit that looks good with sneakers for walking the city streets, and you have my heart. You can read more about my decision to blog (even more than I already do) in the About section.

P.S. – I would love to post house tours of row houses, apartments, and small dwellings from all over. Let me know if you are interested!


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